Dress code: Purple haze

Written by: Lauren

Have you ever taken an outfit and translated it into a room? We tried it last month, and today we're at it again. Let's start with a sweet lilac ensemble to inspire an equally sweet nursery. Here goes!

Textured: Cozy knit pants (can't you just picture a cute little diapered bum in them?) inspire soft-sided woven storage baskets. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the color palette is spot on.

Flowered: A cuddly, fair-trade hoodie invites a friendly, fair-trade plush doll. Matching garden themes make them seem as if they're soulmates.

Metallic: I'm not sure there's anything I love more on a little lady than shiny shoes. They add just the right amount of specialness and sass. Likewise, silvery throw pillows bring fun and spunk to a bedroom.

Patterned: Basic bodysuits with pretty patterns are my fave. Isn't it fun how this nursery bedding mimics the one-pieces? I'm a huge proponent of mix-and-match prints. (Psst! Bumpers should be used for decoration only and removed before bedtime, per AAP recommendations.)

Dress code: Purple haze

Dress code: Purple haze by pnmag

How'd we do? Are you a fan of the outfit? The nursery? What sort of outfit would you like to see tranformed into a baby bedroom?

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