Designer delivery

Written by: P&N

Hospital gowns and prison jumpsuits may be the top two (only two for myself) outfits most people care not to sport. I feel like the latter is probably easier to avoid, what with all of the anti-drug and anti-violence public service announcements. I digress…

Chances are you are going to have a bevy of well-wishers popping in at random to visit you and the newbie. You have to wear the hospital gown whether you like it or not, so why not have fun with it?

For all of you fellow Office fans: Pam wore this gown on “The Delivery” episode! The polka dots are not only adorable, but useful as your partner can count them to distract from the pain of you squeezing his hand.

Baby Be Mine Maternity Nicole Gown $30

Keep it girly…and green.

Pretty Pushers Organic Gown $40

This cheery fabric can be monogrammed for an additional charge.

Dear Johnnies Ava Gown $72

These gowns aren’t just the beauty, they’ve got brains too: They have easy access for breastfeeding and medical equipment. Scrap the stark version the hospital gives you at check-in and showcase your personality in one or two (for before and after the birth) of these functional labor duds.

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