Customized class

Written by: Kera

Am I the only one who's a sucker for Ralph Lauren on my kids? The iconic American brand has been my one vice when it comes to buying children's designer clothes.

I always found great polos, oxfords, pullovers and rugby shirts at our local T.J. Maxx, and my boys always looked so preppy and handsome. Though I don't intend to ever pay full price for RL, and I'm way less concerned about brands now than I was in the past, I still go gaga when I see their advertisements. Where do they find those beautiful children?

One cool feature exclusive to the RL website is Create Your Own. They allow you to lend a custom look to their some of their popular pieces by monogramming. You choose the embroidery color, font style, and voila! You've got a personalized shirt, dress, tote or hat.Check out their website for more info.

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