Chic moms, chic rooms presents Sharstine!

Written by: Kera

Welcome to the first of regular features I will be doing here at Design to die for! I'm going to be spotlighting parents around the country who have used their design skills to create fabulous bed/playrooms for their kids.

Meet Sharstine!

I stumbled onto Sharstine's blog a few days ago, and I love her fun and classic style. We are quite similar in that we are both moms of two, love to run, and design our little hearts out. She's from Utah and has made many renovations to her home. Her daughter Zoee's room is fit for a princess! I got her to answer a few questions for me about her design process.



Shar, what inspired you to create this room?
When I knew I was having a little girl, I had a vision of what I wanted her room to look like. I wanted it to be ultra girly and chic. I knew I wanted the room to have contrast, and also have some fun color. So I found this amazing bedding and went from there.

What was your favorite part about the design process?
My favorite part of the design process is the finishing touches. I love finding those last little details that really make the room. Also personalizing it with photos or things of sentimental value really add to any room.

What was the most challenging part?
The most challenging thing for me is actually finding the items that I have pictured in my mind for that particular room. Sometimes they are not always exactly what I pictured … sometimes they are better! Other times the vision changes with certain finds.

What tips would you give moms who want to design a fabulous nursery, but don't know where to start?
I would say to start with something you love, like a certain quilt, a picture or even a book that gives inspiration. Then you can pick out just what you like about those items: color or shape, and just let your mind go from there. In design, I always go with the idea of mix–not match. It is refreshing and fun to have things that are more vintage with things that are new.
Thanks again Shar! Please check out her blog a day in the life to read more about Shar and her little ones.

If you would like to submit pictures to have your child's room featured, or know someone who does, please email Kera at

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