7 easy beauty tips from an expert

Written by: Erin Shea Long and Kara Ramos

Kick-start—and keep—your 2011 beauty resolutions with Kara Ramos’ practical, professional advice for achieving an even more beautiful you.

1. Must-try trend
You don’t need a lot of makeup to define your eyes. Choose a warm, natural shade with a hint of shimmer, and apply it on the lid and just below the lower lash line.Then line the top and inside of the upper lash line for definition without smokiness.

2. Quick fix
There’s a perfect product to remove makeup and fix mistakes without stripping the skin:makeup wipes. They travel well and work for all skin types. Trust me, you’ll be addicted.

3. The perfect wave
Hold the curling iron! You can create killer waves with a flat iron too. Starting at the base of your hair, turn the flat iron out and gently twist the handle the same way you would a curling iron. Pin curl your waves at night, and this look can last for days.

4. Great lengths for lashes
Don’t spend a ton of money on gimmicks that may or may not work for you. For an economical, naturalway to lengthen your lashes, use castor oil. A few drops warmed up before bedtime and applied to your lash line will encourage your lashes to grow. Bonus: It works on sparse eyebrows as well!

5. Don’t skip the toner
The biggest mistake we make in our skincare routines is leaving out toner. Your skin has a very fine bacteria barrier on top, but when stripped with cleanser, it becomes alkaline—and applying moisturizer only increases its alkalinity.When your skin is in this state, it won’t absorb treatments as well, and you’ll be more prone to breakouts and sensitivity. Rebalance your skin prior to moisturizing with an alcohol-free toner, then watch in awe as redness and irritation disappear.

6. You’ll never catch me without …
Eye cream! Ladies, please hydrate your eyes.Women should start doing so regularly when they’re about 20 years old. (Think preventatively!) I love
Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream because it does what it promises: It hydrates the eye area without antiaging ingredients. If you’re suffering from severe dark circles, consult your esthetician for a brand suitable for your skin type.

7. Keep your color
Shampoos that lather can leave hair clean but fail to moisturize.If you color your locks, try a sulfate-free shampoo to hydrate your tresses and help the color last twice as long.

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