5 fun apps for the mom-to-be

Written by: P&N

It's a tech-lovers world, baby, and there is no shortage of handy smartphone apps to download for your expecting mama enjoyment. Here are five of our current faves:

Share My Pregnancy is a great all-in-one app to have around during your nine months pre-baby. Developed by GetBabyWise, a group of “geeky dads who love to invent new ways to make their family life easier,” this handy reference has everything from a delivery day countdown to baby and mom growth charts to a labor alert feature that sends word to your family and friends when you let it know your contractions have begun.

The BabyBump app from alt 12 apps has a great community feature for moms-to-be who want to check in with other pregnant women going through the same ups and downs. You can keep a journal of your progress and share your progress with your community as well as with your family and friends. It's a social media platform for pregnancy!

Congrats—baby's here!Share the news quickly and cutely with the bambinapp birth announcement app. des p'tits bonheurs, a Swiss graphic design company, developed this free interface for creating your own personal message to send out to all your loved ones to let them know the happy news of your sweet arrival.

When your new arrival becomes a bouncing babe, you can use the Baby Play Face app as a way to let her explore facial expression and hear words for each facial feature in her native tongue as well as other languages. Baby can touch the screen to activate the spoken guides to the baby's face on the screen. (See it in action here.)

Nerdy Baby by Black Phoenix Software is every geeky parent's dream. A is for apple?Pshaw!Your baby gets to build his vocabulary with words like binary and uvula. Nerd up! Go ahead and buy your Ivy League school “parent” sweatshirt now—your baby's got that full ride in the bag.

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