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Americana the Great

Written by: Josh July 04 2011 If America itself were a product sold on the free market, its motto would probably be the trite but true: ‘Bigger* is better.’ It’s only once you leave the states that you realize the … Continue reading

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Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

The AngelCare Movement and Sound Monitor is very lightweight and small. Because it is shaped like an angel, I have named it Gabe so that each night I can tell my baby that Gabe is going to watch him during … Continue reading

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An unforgettable moment: The birth of Aaron

Written by: Susan July 03 2011 On the morning of Monday, April 18th, 2011, I woke up and saw that Ihad bloody show. I also had back pain contractions the whole day that were irregular but increasing in intensity. I … Continue reading

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Pack your bag

Can a well-stocked bag of supplies make your labor and delivery experience pain-free? It’s unlikely. However, having everything you might want or need at your fingertips will help you feel more in control and make your stay—and yes, maybe even … Continue reading

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Prenatal sleep guide

Sleep is a luxury that’s easy to take for granted—until you become pregnant, that is! Suddenly clocking an extra hour of shut-eye can mean the difference between feeling happy and well rested or cranky and irritable. But good sleep is … Continue reading

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It’s complicated

If you find yourself dealing with a complicated or high risk pregnancy, know you are not alone. We spoke with some experts and moms who have been there, and here’s what they have to say. Be proactive in your healthcare … Continue reading

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Sense and sensibility

Studies show that a baby’s experiences in the first months of life significantly impact the development of his brain and that a child needs to feel safe, loved and confident about the world around him to reach maximum brain development … Continue reading

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Packing on the pounds

Written by: Suzanna June 30 2011 Until a couple of weeks ago, worries about gaining weight were the last thing on my mind. In fact, after months of vomiting several times a day, I was more concerned about not gaining … Continue reading

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